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The Star Shower laser light system can light up the outside of your home easily. Shower your home this holiday season with thousands of stars!

Changing out holiday lights hanging on you house can be real difficult and very time consuming. Star Shower makes it super simple to set up your outdoor lights in just minutes. Think about it no more tangling with wires.

Star Shower Laser Light resists all kinds of weather and installs in less than a minute!

Shower your home with hundreds of stunning lights with the Star Shower laser light! The plug-in laser light that places stars everywhere. Brightens your home in red and also green laser stars covering over 600 square feet. Star projector consists of extra-long stake.
The Star Shower uses laser holographic technology that is actually found in many theme parks. You get a breath taking show on just about any surface.

The Star Shower Laser Light lets you conveniently brighten your home indoors and outdoors for any special occasion. No need climbing up ladders to put up lights.

Holiday lights are quickly gaining in popularity, especially the lights that use less energy. The Star Shower Laser Light is very energy efficient.

A Star Shower will certainly brighten your whole property with the flick of a switch. The Laser Light Projector will add countless multicoloured stars anywhere.

Get into the spirit and shower your home with thousands of bright twinkling stars. Don't worry about the laser light being outside it can withstand cold, snow, rain and heat. The laser light show covers up to 600 yards and projects as far as 100 feet away.
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