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ShamWow Cloths As Seen On TV
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The shamwow cloths hold over 20 times it's weight in liquid. Sham wow cloths as seen on tv are washable and bleachable and last for years.

The ShamWow is a revolutionary, multi-use cleaning cloth that holds over 20 times its’ weight in liquids. It’s like a towel, chamois and a sponge all in one! Use it to clean up spills fast. It will not scratch or damage any surfaces. Machine wash. The Sham Wow is guaranteed to last for 10 years.
Use the shamwow cloth wet or dry!
Shamwow - Vince Offer TV Spokesperson
Perfect for your car, boat and household spills washable - use them over and over
You’ll say wow every time you use ShamWow
Wash, dry and polish any surface without scratches
Easily remove cola, wine, pet stains and more
Washes, dries and polishes any surface
Machine washable and bleachable ShamWow
Never buy sponges, scouring pads or paper towels again
They’re like a towel, chamois and sponge all in one
Towel, chamois and sponge all in one
3-in-1 – wash, dry and polish with ShamWow
4 large and 4 mini ShamWow for only low price
ShamWow – double offer plus 10 year warranty
Holds 12x its weight in liquid
ShamWow is perfect for any situation

Shamwow Features

Holds over 20 times its weight in liquid!
Machine Washable and Bleachable! Will not Scratch or Damage Surfaces!
Lasts for Years and Come s with a 10 Year Warranty!
Makes a Great Towl and is safe for Pets
Cleans up Spills Fast!
Shamwows are made in Germany from a revolutionary fabric that can absorb over 20 times its weight in liquids. Use them to clean up spills fast and they won't scratch any surface. You can even use them as a towl or on your pets. They are machine washable and bleachable, Use them over and over; they will last for years! And they are so durable they guarantee your ShaWows for 10 years. Sham wows are perfect for your car, boat and many household uses.
The ShamWow:
- Cleans up spills fast
- Will not scratch or damage any surfaces
- Machine washable
- Perfect for house, boat, car and pets
- Guaranteed to last for 10 years

Shamwow Infomercial Product

ShamWow! cloths wash, dry, and polish any surface. They are like a towel, chamois, and sponge all in one--except they're extremely absorbent and can be used over and over. ShamWow! towels are machine washable and bleachable, will not scratch surfaces, and will last for more than 10 years!
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