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The Schticky is a reusable lint roller promoted by Vince Offer on television . Schticky works on most fabrics from velvet to wool.

Schticky Lint Roller

You can clean your home in a jiffy with the schticky. The lint roller is great to clean many surfaces from floor to ceiling. Picks up pet hair, dirt, grime, dust and more. Works good on rugs, carpets, drapes, clothes, car upholstery and other areas of the home.

Schticky works on fabrics from wool to velvet
Can do tons of surfaces you don’t have to go from vacuum to broom
Pick up pet hair from clothes, rugs or the sofa
Great for spider webs, drapes or other hard to reach places
Its slippery when wet and of course sticky when dry

Vince Offer is the pitchman you may have seen promoting the shamwow clothes and slap chop food chopper. Now Vince is promoting another awesome "As Seen On TV" product, the schticky lint roller.

The schticky should last you a lifetime. Use it over and over again. To clean just run under water and then roll to dry on a towel and you are set to use it again.

The Schticky 3 Piece As Seen On TV Set
You get the schticky, the little schticky and the big schticky
Watch Vince Offer on the Schticky Infomercial

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