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The all new Relief Wrap that heats and massages at the same time. This Therapulse is extra long and is worn over the shoulder connected by magnets to help keep it in place!

Relief Wrap relaxes your back, shoulder and neck tension! Relief Wrap has weighted edges so it stays in place , has an electronic controller that is LED and a 2 hour auto-off. Use it anyplace!
As Seen On TV Relief Wrap
The extra large plush that is soft provides full coverage over your tired and tense areas, relieving symptoms quick with 2 heat settings and 4 therapeutic massage options.
Treat those muscles that are achy joints find relief. Sit back, improve circulation, stimulate blood flow and a lot more with the aid of Relief Wrap!

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After a long day at work or being out in the cold, imageine just how good theis extra long massage and heating wrap will feel. Sit back watch your favorite show on tv, talk on the phone or surf the web and let the Relief Wrap help to treat those achy and stressed muscles away.

There are plently of heating pads to choose from, but what makes the Relief Wrap special and unique is the way you place it over your shoulders and then it goes all the way down your back covering a large area. The magnets in the front help to keep it in place. This wrap makes for a great gift.

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