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Pocket Hose is the unique compact garden hose that fits in your pocket and expands when water runs through it.

Pocket hose fits in your pocket but it grows to a full size hose.

Are you tired of bulky hoses that are quick to kink and challenging to store? Pocket Hose is a light in weight hose that shrinks down small sufficient to fit in your pocket. It can develop to a full sized garden hose by simply running water through it. Cease using massive and bulky hoses today.
The expandable very simple to use Amazing Pocket Hose!
The pocket hose is available in four convenient sizes, 25 ft., 50 ft., 75 ft. and 100 ft.
Common everyday hoses are heavy and can easily be troublesome to carry around and can place a great deal of stress on your arms and back. What you need is a light in weight yet durable versatile hose for your normal inside and outdoor demands.

Now you won't need to maintain putting off your horticulture responsibilities or cleaning the home windows outdoors due to the fact that you don't have the ideal equipment for it. The Pocket Hose is an astonishing expandable and flexible hose which will certainly make your household tasks a great deal simpler and you will look forward to spending time in your outdoor spaces getting the job done you want to finish with less effort.

You may use this hose to wash off your gutters, water your yard and garden as well and it is strong enough to do just about any sort of task around your home.

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