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PetZoom the Home Pet Grooming Brush. Petzoom the Quick and Easy way to Groom your Pet.

The PetZoom is professional-quality grooming
Hate grooming your pet with a wire brush, tugging, pulling and making a mess all over the floor? Then you need PetZoom, the new self-cleaning, pain-free way to groom your pet right at home.

PetZoom works for all pets with hair
Use PetZoom on both dogs and cats with short hair, long hair, curly hair or any type of fur at all. The PetZoom’s soft, ultra-comfort bristles easily adjust for your pet’s individual grooming needs. In fact it’s so comfortable, PetZoom’s patented design has won numerous awards for its gentle grooming and one-touch cleaning.
Save money on Pet Zoom
With just one pass you collect all the loose hair, dirt and dander right into the PetZoom. When finished, get rid of all that unwanted pet hair from your PetZoom with just one touch. Grooming your pet has never been this easy.
The Original PetZoom
PetZoom Home Pet Grooming
PetZoom Pet Brush

PETZOOM - The all-new self-cleaning pain-free quick and
easy way to groom your pet.
The only Brush you’ll need for Home Pet Grooming
PetZoom Home Grooming Brush for your Pet

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