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Mighty Blaster Fireman Spray Nozzle

Mighty Blaster is the only nozzle you'll ever need considering that it is the first ever home use sprayer with the power and also accuracy of a real fire fighter's nozzle.

Mighty Blaster was developed with the same power tension technology in professional fire nozzles as well as has 50 % even more power compared to average household sprayers. Mighty Blaster is built to last with airplane grade aluminium as well as stainless-steel, and has a comfy hold so you'll be able to use it much longer.

The Mighty Blaster uses an amazing 50 percent more power than other ordinary hoses. It uses the same technology as professional nozzles used by fireman. This spray nozzle will not disappoint as it was built to last. It uses aircraft grade stainless steel and aluminium. You are able to use it longer because of it's comfy grip. You can go from a fine soft mist to a power blast in minutes.

Mighty Blaster the Last Household Spray Nozzle you Will Ever Need!
This should be the last nozzle you will ever need. It fits on just about any standard size garden hose.
It is great to use on many household clean up chores outside, like cleaning decks, lawn furniture, blasting away dirt and grime. Helps to get rid of mildew and mold, but yet gentle enough to water a garden. Blast awat twigs, leaves and dirt. Clean your car getting the grime off. Making your car looking sparkling clean again.

Presenting the Mighty Blaster Firefighter's Nozzle! The Mighty Blaster is light in weight, portable as well as fits onto any kind of yard hose pipe. Plus, its specifically developed convenience grasp significantly reduces arm and wrist exhaustion!

The Mighty Blaster consumes up to 40% less water and generates approximately 50 % even more power than other conventional nozzles! Made of aircraft-grade aluminum as well as high-grade stainless steel, the Mighty Blaster is constructed to last!
It delivers everything from a thin mist to a powerful stream and also shuts off effortlessly! And also it's so easy to use! Merely twist the nozzle to read-adjust the strength. Use the Mighty Blaster to power tidy house home siding, filthy automobiles, or driveways. Twist the nozzle once again to water gardens, saturate shrubs or haze the most fragile flowers! The Mighty Blaster does it ALL, making it the only water hose nozzle you'll ever want!


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