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The Mattress Wedge foam pillow helps with acid reflux and is also great for reading in bed.

The Foam Mattress Wedge helps to fill that gap between the head board and your bed. This should help you to sleep better and prevent you from losing your pillow.

Close the gap and stop losing nights sleep. Did you know by using a wedge foam pillow you would be able to elevate your head. This has been known to help with acid reflux, which is a very common problem that quite a few people experience. If you head is elevated just a bit it can help prevent the back flow of bothersome gastric fluids which cause acid reflux.
You will probably notice that just after a few days of using the wedge pillow you may no longer experienced acid reflux while sleeping. This should help you get a much better relaxing nights sleep. Another plus that could happen is that sleeping with the Mattress Wedge can also help stop snoring.

Some of the main features of the As Seen On TV Mattress Wedge is that it has been designed to fit almost any size bed and for fast storage comes with side pockets. The wedge stays insulated in the winter and stays nice and cool in the summer. Easy to clean, because it is machine washable!

Another great reason for using the Mattress Wedge is when reading in bed or using your computer. Your back is sure to feel much better with the soft angle cushion on the wedge pillow.

This great bedding product also comes with handy pockets for storing items such as glasses, remote controls or your cell phone.
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