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The Luma Candles are flameless real wax led candles that change colors. The led candles also give off a nice vanilla scent.

The Real Wax Fresh Vanilla Scented Color Changing LED Candles

Did you know Luma Candles are made from pure paraffin wax? They also give off a fresh vanilla scent without the flame. The candle is cool to the touch. You get a remote which allows you to you change between 12 illuminating colors that can provide 100,000 hours of candle light that also comes with a 4 or 8 hour timer setting.

With the 12 illuminating color options to choose from your multi-function remote which is included with the Luma Candles gives you the power to change the mood in the atmosphere of the space you are in.
Luma Candles are a relaxing safe way to enjoy candle light that make your home feel like a spa at a resort. The candles are wickless and flameless but still can give off the ambiance of a romantic setting.

These candles make for the perfect gift to give all year round. Work great indoors and also outdoors. They give off a nice fresh vanilla scent. Unlike other candles there is no mess, drips or spills to worry about. They even have a timer you can set for 4 or 8 hours.


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