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Lint Lizard removes dryer lint from difficult to reach places. It's just like a miracle wand that deep cleans into any Dryer. Speed up your laundry drying time by 15 minutes.

Presenting the Lint Lizard - As Seen On TV. It's just like a miracle wand that cleans deep into any dryer.
lint lizard
Lint Lizard
Your dryer can run forever if the clothes still appear moist. You can now accelerate your dryer time by as much as fifteen minutes!  The flexible Lint Lizard attaches to just about any vacuum hose and clears out all of the lint that can get past your lint screen.

I am sure you realize a clogged dryer works stronger and harder. Trapped lint can burn up your dryer motor or even worse, begin a harmful vent fire. It is lengthy and cleans deep to your vent system, getting all of the packed-in lint that's choking your dryer!

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A quick clean using the Lint Lizard in your clothes dryer can make it run more effectively and last longer between repairs and replacements. Traditional Old-fashioned lint brushes take out some lint out but can also spread the lint everywhere! Lint Lizard cleans much deeper and traps the lint directly into your vacuum bag.

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