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Did you know GrayBan works with the natural protein in your hair which naturally and gradually brings back your original hair color? Remove gray hair more naturally!

Revitalize your gray hair follicules to its own normal tone using GrayBan. GrayBan works with the all-natural healthy protein in hair follicules in order to produce melanin-like colors which gradually, typically restores your hair tone. Take out gray hair more the natural way 8 fl ounces.
GrayBan does not need to have any sort of unique preventative measures, has no repulsive smell, and no one is going to recognize that you are treating your hair. GrayBan shouldn't make the hair oily and does not aggravate the skin.

Grayban Restore
Your Natural Hair Color

New! Reformulated to observe results in as little as three days.
GrayBan does work with any type of hair hue and type. Working along with your hair's all-natural proteins, this clear spray-on formula naturally brings back hair back to its initial color. With its rejuvenating action, Grayban gives hair back its younger look with a laboratory analyzed capillary procedure.
Reformulated! Greyban has been just recently reformulated to observe results in just 3 DAYS!

Verso Grayban
Recover your gray hair to its own all-natural color with GrayBan. GrayBan works with the natural protein in hair to produce melanin-like pigment that gradually over time, in a natural way brings back your hair color. Working with your hair's 100% natural proteins, this transparent spray-on formula naturally recovers hair back to its own authentic color. GrayBan mixes with your hair's all-natural protein to strengthen melanin-like pigment back right into your hair.
GrayBan incorporates with your hair's all-natural protein to reinforce melanin-like pigment back into your hair. Along with each and every everyday application, your hair ends up being darker - slowly - until you gain back the natural-looking color you prefer.

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