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The Gotham Steel pan is the newest in non-stick frying pan made with ceramic as well as titanium. This non-scratch modern technology allows the Gotham Steel Pan to be securely used with even metal utensils.

Gotham Steel Frying Pans integrates non-stick ceramic as well as very strong titanium, to help you prepare tasty food. Gotham Steel is the functional kitchenware that surpasses other non-stick pans and cuts cooking time in fifty percent.
The pans are safe in the oven up to approximately 500 degrees, as well as there is no oil or butter needed. With Gotham Steel Pans sticky and gooey foods will slip right off, and includes a non-scratch innovation that's safe to utilize with steel utensils.
Gotham Steel makes cooking easier compared to other pans you may have in your cabinets. Utilize it in the stove as much as 500 degrees with out solid stainless-steel handle. Make a s'mores recipe right in the pan! Make an inside out grilled cheese sandwich. No sticking and also no need for butter or oil.
Gotham Steel is among the very first product of its type to actually make use of top-quality titanium as well as ceramic as surface. This advanced mix makes sure it is likewise allows for multi-functional, all-around use.

As Seen On TV Gotham Steel
This revolutionary product with Titanium finishing incorporates ceramic as well as titanium for the most sturdy non-stick pan ever. It lets you cook practically any kind of food without unpleasant clean-up. Eggs over very easy slide right out without utilizing butter or fatty oil. An omelette smothered with cheese still won't stick, the best tasting omelettes and scrambled eggs pan! The very best component is, the breakthrough finish that is 100 percent scratch resistance. You could also use metal utensils, and you still won't see scratches!
The best part is that with the non-stick ceramic, everything slides off so no unhealthy butter or oils are required while food preparation.

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