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Flex Shot Jumbo Spray Cans As Seen On TV

Flex Shot is the extremely easy way to bond, seal and caulk. Flex Shot delivers a thick, perfect stream every time.

Flex Shot makes it easy to caulk , seal and bond! Save money and do your own repairs.

Throw out those very hard to squeeze caulking guns, Flex Shot can deliver a thick stream each and every time with pinpoint accuracy. You just simply push the nozzle. No dripping, running or mess to clean up.

Flex Shot White
Flex Shot Clear
Flex Shot Almond
Flex Shot Black

The rubberized thick sealer clings to just about any surface and then turns into a stretchy rubber seal. The seal contracts and expands, unlike any other caulk product that tends to dry out, crack and shrink. Flex Shot is mildew and waterproof resistant. Perfect for bathrooms and kitchens.

Flex Shot the As Seen on TV Product comes in clear, black, white and almond so it should be sure to match and project.

It is a super-strong rubberized sealant that fills many size holes and cracks. It helps to patch leaks, duct work, seal sinks and crack in windows. You do not even need to use those bulky caulking guns which can make it hard to get into to certain areas.
The makers of Flex Seal have made this great new product, Flex Shot very easy to use. You are sure to be impressed by the accuracy you can achieve filling all types of hole sizes and cracks. The flexible tough leak proof seal can lasts up to 30 years.


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