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The emery cat scratching board. Your cat can trim their nails while playing. Am emery board for your cat.

Now Your Cat Can Trim Their Own Claws With The Emery Cat Board .

emery cat board
Emery Cat Trimming Cats' Claws - The Fun kitty Scratcher
It's The Fun New Kitty Scratcher That Actually Grooms Cats Claws While They Play!

We love our pets, but trimming cat's claws are such a chore, not fun for you or feline pet. Well along comes the emery cat, to make things easier for you and more enjoyable for your cat. Your cat can actually trim their own nails while they play. How cool is that!

Now Your Cat Can Trim It's Own Claws!

The secret is the EmeryCat patented honeycomb surface that works like a nail file, gently filing away sharpness. Infused with irresistible catnip, cats keeps coming back for more.
Your Emery Cat Package Includes:
•Durable Base with built in catnip
•Cute, playful kitty toy
•Packet of catnip
The Benefits of The Emery Cat:
Your cat can give itself a pedicure!
Strong enough to support even larger cats
Your cat safely files its own claws each and every time
they play on it
Emery Cat™ Board's special arch design is perfect for
stretching and scratching

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