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Eggies - Hard Boiled Eggs Without The Shell

Eggies the no fuss, no mess system for cooking hard boiled eggs. Enjoy eating hard boiled eggs without peeling shells.

Do you love hard boiled eggs but hate peeling the shells? If so do we have a product for you. The eggies system. No more cracking and peeling the shells.

Eggies makes cooking hard boiled and soft boiled eggs so much easier. Plus you can even add seasonings, cheeses,  vegetables, meat or what ever you think may taste good. Be creative.

Add eggs to a salad, eat whole, make devilled eggs for a party. How about making an egg salad sandwich?

Just crack, cook and twist, that is how simple it is to use eggies.
Non stick material eggs slide right out.
Slice and egg over a chef salad. Make healthy egg white eggs.
Hard boil healthy eggs from a carton.
Enjoy hard boiled eggs the eggie way.
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