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The Core Sculptor

Core sculptor the home fitness machine that sculpts your body from the inside out. Slim from within with the core sculptor.

The Core Sculptor™ is the home fitness breakthrough that sculpts your body from the inside out. Core training is not just for athletes anymore. It's now the hottest workout in fitness clubs all across the country. Core training is the key to a beautiful, buff body from head to toe. It's how Hollywood stars get lean, toned, and red carpet ready, because it strengthens the muscles deep within your center, which then act like a corset to pull everything in tight.
Core Sculptor As Seen On TV

You can work out all of the core muscles - including upper and lower abs, obliques, upper and lower back muscles, and the gluteus maximus (glutes). You can also effectively sculpt your upper body with the optional Curl Bar, which enhances the resistance action.
You can get a great core workout in just 4 minutes per day using the Core 4 exercises! For intermediate and advanced core work, you can increase resistance and repetitions and add additional exercises. With the core sculptor you can lose inches and sculpt your body into the fit, trim body you always dreamed of.
The Core Sculptor Package Includes
The Core 4 workout video (DVD or VHS)
2 additional Core Sculptor videos for intermediate and advanced users
The Core Sculptor Total Body Cardio video.
Slim from Within eating plan featuring a complete 4 week menu planner.
Slim from Within Recipe Book with more than 40 mouth watering recipes.


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