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Copper Fit Back Pro is a compression belt that was made for your lower back muscles so you can move around confidently and easily throughout your day.

The back belt was developed for just about everyone to use no matter your occupation. It is a great support belt for pro professional athletes, landscapers, movers and many others. The Copper Fit Back Pro Belt is lightweight and easily adjustable.

The back belt has modifiable straps for ideal, form-fitting sizing that also offers compression assistance. The special contoured layout can fit discreetly under your clothes so you can appreciate support all day long and no one will know you are wearing it. This supreme copper-infused compression garment is optimum for assisting lower back muscle support. It was created for daily comfort and support.

Get the back support you want and desire for physical tasks, playing sports and just everyday tasks more with the Copper Fit Back Pro. Put it on and feel the immediate support which just might energize you and help you to get through your day.
Wear it to avoid strain and exhaustion by maintaining muscular tissues in your back. An additional feature is that it wicks sweat away from the body to stop chafing and painful rashes. Copper Fit Back Pro, with copper infused compression modern technology gives day-to-day support as well as alleviation for lower back soreness.
Brett Favre has been seen on television endorsing the Copper Fit Back Pro. He trusts Copper Fit Back Belt to provide all day relief and comfort as he gets physical running and tossing a football.

Copper Fit Back Pro


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