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Bionic Hearing Aid

The Rechargeable Bionic Hearing Aid combines the latest in hearing aid technology. The bionic hearing aid has rechargeable battery.

Bionic Hearing - The Rechargeable bionic hearing aid combines digital hearing aid technology with the convenience of a rechargeable battery. You will love the noticeable, digital quality hearing improvement it makes without having the hassle of traditional battery-operated hearing aids.

Amazing Micro Technology
Get the latest technology in hearing aid High Quality Rechargeable Hearing Aid
Travel Friendly Rechargeable Hearing aid with A/C Adaptor
Invisible hearing aid with no daily hassle
As Seen on TV rechargeable hearing aid
Features amazing micro-digitizing technology
Capture sounds and amplify sound as it travels through ear
Rechargeable batteries saves you money on hearing aid
Forget tiny batteries - get rechargeable Bionic Hearing Aid
Convenient travel case with A/C Adaptor
The Bionic Hearing Aid captures sound and amplifies as it transmits through your ear.

Bionic Hearing Aid Features:
Adjustable Volume
Made for travel
No More Replacing Tiny Batteries
Digital Technology
Small & Discreet

Unavailable Bionic Hearing Aid


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