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The Bedazzler is a stud setter you can use to redesign your clothes and other items to make them unique. Become a bedazzler today.

The BeDazzler is back again and it's the fashion craze this season. Turn any ordinary item into your own customized dazzling piece. It's perfect for any project - clothes, shoes, belts, scrapbooking, greeting cards and more!

Bedazzler Be Dazzler Dazzle Your Clothes
Even if you've never threaded a needle, you'll be BeDazzling in minutes. You can BeDazzle a hat, a shirt, a belt, a scarf or a sweater! It's easy. It's fun. It's fabulous! You get the original BeDazzler plus rhinestones and studs!
You can do so much with the Bedazzler! You can create your own unique and creative gifts. Dress up a pair of pants. Add style to a plain hat. Bedazzle pants, socks, shirts, pocket books, sneakers and so much more. You can have your own style of clothing.
Bedazzler is a fabulous tool and is fun for everyone and includes everything you need to redesign shirts, jeans, bags, shoes, headbands, and more. Make one of a kind creations.
Turn your favorite clothing into masterful works of art by adding rhinestones and metallic studs! The Bedazzler is also compact and easy to use. You can use the Bedazzler just about anywhere!
Don't be dull BE DAZZLING! With the better than ever BeDazzler!
The Bedazzler gives you everything you need to light up your wardrobe from head to toe. It's easy to use, fun and fabulous. Just snap, push and pop and you can save hundreds of dollars by adding your own rhinestones and studs to your wardrobe.
Brighten up your wardrobe today with the fantastic Bedazzler.


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