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Color Burst Battle Balloons  Best Way to Fill Water Balloons

Battle Balloons are so much fun. Fill balloons with colored water and have your own water balloon wars. Fill as many as 40 balloons all at once in merely seconds . The all new and fun way to fill balloons with water and tie them too!

Ready for the most exciting time having water balloon battles? Check out the Balloon Bonanza! No more worries about spilling water all over the place and stop hurting your fingers tying knots.
Battle Balloon tool allows you load as many as 40 balloons all at once in merely seconds All you do is attached Balloon Bonanza to a regular type garden hose. Turn the water on and watch the magic start and finish very quickly. As the water runs down into the balloons they expand and then drop off all tied!
These water balloons are so simple to make, you'll be able to have a fun water balloon fight in seconds.
Make numerous water balloons incredibly quickly! The all new and fun way to fill balloons with water and tie them too! All in just merely seconds. The magic is in the quick releasing cylinder system that fills 40 balloons all at once! As they slide down the water-sealing awesome technology ties them tight, so they're prepared for air travel.

Color Burst Balloons are the improved as well as all brand-new way to fill up as well as seal lots of water balloons in merely seconds. Balloon ties instantly so there is no more spilling water all over the place. The magic is the very quick cylinder system that fills up 40 balloons at the same time. As they glide down the water-sealing technology ties them tight, so they're ready for air travel.

Battle Balloon - Make Mountains of Water Balloons Freaky Fast! - As Seen on TV.
Exactly what are the best attributes of the Balloon Bonanza System? You could load and also seal 40 water balloons in seconds. Yes, really! They instantly tie themselves. The kit consists of 120 water balloons all set to be loaded. There is no assembly needed.
The system is compact so you can take it on the road with you. Bring to a friend's backyard party.
Making water balloons is now so extremely very easy. This is the new means to load and after that seal water balloons. The excellent summer device. Fill as many as 40 water balloons at the same time as well as immediately ties the balloons too.
Color Burst Battle Balloon


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