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The airclimber has air power technology to help you work out. The air climber as seen on tv stepper with Brenda Dygraf.

The AirClimber Makes Working Out FUN!
Now get cardio, weight loss and tighter abs and core while you step on air with Brenda Dygraf's new Air Climber System.

Start the new year off on the right foot, with the air climber.
Lose 10 lbs or 10 inches in 10 Days with the AirClimber
Air Climber
Now get cardio, weight loss and tighter abs and core while you step on air with Brenda Dygraf's new AirClimber System. It's the fun workout that uses air to eliminate impact, while each step lifts and shapes toned legs while you burn carbs. Plus, Brenda's exciting workouts combine fat burning, total body toning and an ab work out, all in one. Try the total gym system that helps you lose weight and get in shape at home.
3-in-1 workout – cardio, toning and abs
The AirClimber fitness system
Air power technology workout
Abdominal workout machine
Glide your way to great abs
3-in-1 exercising machine
Amazing weight loss system
As seen on TV stepping machine
Workout plans to that fit your level
20 minute workouts for your busy schedule
Now exercise can be fun

The Air Climber Infomercial

With every step air flows from pedal to pedal, inflating the bellows and eliminating jarring impact to your joints. Brenda Dygraf’s AirClimber stepper. This same air power also helps you work out. It lifts your legs to keep you moving, and helps you get results faster than you ever thought possible.
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