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35 Below Socks

Keep your feet warm with 35 Below Socks super soft thermal socks. Great socks for men and women with aluminized fibers that keep feet warm.

These socks are advanced science for your feet. 35 Degree Socks are made with super soft aluminized woven threads with a breathable nylon knit fabric that helps to circulate your natural body heat.

35 Below Socks are made of aluminized thread with aerospace fabric technology that reflects your own body heat, keeping you warm in any weather.
The socks are incredibly lightweight and are thin enough to wear underneath regular socks. They are also durable enough to just wear alone.

warming socks

When the temperature starts going down to frigid temps, do not allow the cold weather to keep you inside! Keep comfy as well as warm with the cutting edge 35 Below Socks. As Seen On TV, the 35 Below Socks utilize specialized fabric technology developed for aerospace to create soft, light-weight socks that keep your feet completely dry and warm in any kind of weather.
35 Degree Below socks keep feet warm, even in ice-cold temperature levels! Absolutely nothing guards your feet from arctic blasts like these top quality thermal poly/nylon socks. Woven with aluminized fibers, they help to preserve temperature and shield from the cold. Use as your regular socks or as sock linings in boots.

Finding and investing in a good pair of socks especially in the colder winter months is very important. You want to make sure you buy socks that are comfortable and have the right kind of material that will help you to use your own body heat to circulate warmth in your toes and feet. 35 Degree Below socks are made from a very special material that will certainly help to keep your feet and toes nice and toasty feeling when out in the cold.

35 Below Socks were created to reflect heat in very cold temperatures to keep feet warm and they're great for men, women and children.


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