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The 1 Second Slicer is simply amazing it slices foods just about any size or shape you want. Put together a delicious fruit salad in seconds with the One Second Slicer.

The One Second Slicer as seen on tv has real razor sharp stainless steel blades. You can slice your fruits, vegetable and cheeses so they drop right into the storage container so you can easily store and serve. The food storage container and top with the stainless steel blades is very easy to clean. You just simply push the button to remove any leftover remnants.

1 Second Slicer Blades

Put together a delicious fruit salad in seconds. Having sandwiches for lunch how about your own coleslaw to go with it. The dishes you can put together with the 1 Second Slicer are endless. Make tuna salad, ham salad, chicken salad and of course a nice chef salad.
1 Second Slicer

1 Second Slicer As Seen On TV

Food choppers just like the One Second Slicer might slice onions, chunky salsa, herbs, nuts plus far more on your behalf. Normally whilst one can be made use of to cubes tough items like nuts, the added aids dice somewhat softer items. The chopper is exceptionally straightforward to run, you just should include the things inside the chopper, shut down the cover, push the necessary button as well as you have sliced things prepared to suit your demands.

The One Second Slicer is mostly helpful for chopping various vegetables, cheeses and fruits such that they can be made use of for various salads and also treats. It is also helpful to chop peppers, mushrooms or onions to add to steaks or other various food dishes. Generally these choppers do not supply any kind of additional processing alternatives. The only alternative they give is an on and off switch. The quantity of cutting to be done is entirely dependent on the individual using the food chopper.

If, nonetheless, you have any difficulty in dealing with the item, you are able to always go through the individual manual. However obviously once you are done with chopping you really should clean up your food chopper for the next time you use it. The One Second Slicer has a huge capacity but is no bigger than say a loaf of bread.

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