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Check out these great "As Seen On TV Products" that have been seen on Pitchmen. Some products were seen on Pitchmen with The Late Billy Mays and Anthony Sullivan (Sully). Sadly in Season which just recently premiered Sully goes on without his longtime best friend Billy.
Pitchmen has everyday people with great inventions go from rags to riches! Pitchmen is on The Discovery Channel, Thursday nights.

Awesome Auger
( Garden & Tools )
The awesome auger makes yard work easy. A very powerful yard tool, the awesome auger as seen on tv. With the awesome auger you can blast through hard rock or clay!

Dual Saw
( Tools )
Dual Saw Cut Virtually Any Material - Two blades one saw! New counter blade technology. Seen on Hit TV show Pitchmen.
( Health )
Heel-Tastic is an intensive heel therapy that will relieve itching and soften heels and feet. HeelTastic is an intensive heel therapy that will relieve itching and soften heels and feet.

Jupiter Jack
( Garden & Tools , Household )
Jupiter Jack is the new, revolutionary cell phone accessory for your car that turns any car radio into a wireless speaker system. Jupiter Jack as seen on Pitchmen.

Mighty Fix It Repair Tape
( Garden & Tools , Household )
Mighty Fixit tape is the fast, easy way to seal, repair & save money! It creates an air tight, water tight seal in seconds! Get 6 Rolls cheap! Mighty Fixit is no ordinary tape, but a self-fusing wrap that creates an air tight, water tight seal in seconds!

What Odor
( Household , Pets )
What Odor doesn’t just mask odors, it eliminates odors! What Odor is non-toxic and safe to use around children and pets.
It eliminates the smells of smoke, cooking, garbage cans and bathrooms. Use it on sofa, laundry hampers, sports equipment and more.
( Household )
Zorbeez uses super absorbent technology that absorbs up to 27 times greater than paper towels or cotton cloth.
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