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Shop for As Seen On TV products Billy Mays endorses or products that he used to endorse. Billy Mays is a well known infomercial spokesperson for many items that are advertised on television. You gotta love Billy Mays and his boisterous voice and enthusiasm for promoting products.

Billy Mays has inspired many and will always be known as "The King of Infomercials". We are very saddened by his sudden loss. Our condolences to his family, friends and many fans.

Billy Mays As Seen On TV Infomercial Products

Awesome Auger
( Garden & Tools )
The awesome auger makes yard work easy. A very powerful yard tool, the awesome auger as seen on tv. With the awesome auger you can blast through hard rock or clay!

Big City Slider
( Kitchen )
Billy Mays Big City Slider Station As Seen On TV. Make delicious restaurant style mini hamburgers in your kitchen. Big City Slider Station is the mini burger sensation that's sweeping the nation.
Dual Saw
( Tools )
Dual Saw Cut Virtually Any Material - Two blades one saw! New counter blade technology. Seen on Hit TV show Pitchmen.
Fix It
( Tools )
Fix-It is the fastest scratch remover that safely removes scratches, dings and nicks from your car's finish quickly and easily. The scratch has met its match with Fix It.

Flies Away
( Household , Garden )
Flies Away makes your home a no-fly zone. Flies Away infomercial with Billy Mays. Protect your farm, home and barbecues from flies. Just add water plus bait and your fly problem is over.
( Household )
HandySwitch wireless light switch. The handy switch comes with a switch and the remote receiver and can penetrate through walls.

( Health )
Heel-Tastic is an intensive heel therapy that will relieve itching and soften heels and feet. HeelTastic is an intensive heel therapy that will relieve itching and soften heels and feet.

Hercules Hooks
( Household )

Hercules Hook is the easiest way to hang pictures, mirrors, shelves just about anything. Just twist, push and turn!

Impact Gel
( Health )
Impact gel is the World’s Greatest Insole. Impact gel insoles give amazing protection for sore, tired aching feet. As Seen On TV on The Pitchmen Show with Billy Mays & Sully.

Jupiter Jack
( Garden & Tools , Household )
Jupiter Jack is the new, revolutionary cell phone accessory for your car that turns any car radio into a wireless speaker system. Jupiter Jack as seen on Pitchmen.

Mighty Mendit
( Household )
Mighty Mendit the fast easy way to mend, hem and wear it again. Mend fabric with mighty mend it. Mighty Mendit has a bond that stays strong even after many washes.

Mighty Putty Super Putty
( Garden & Tools , Household )
Mighty Putty is great for anything from your smallest craft projects to your largest home improvements! It's the easy way to fix, fill and seal almost any surface.

What Odor
( Household , Pets )
What Odor doesn’t just mask odors, it eliminates odors! What Odor is non-toxic and safe to use around children and pets.
It eliminates the smells of smoke, cooking, garbage cans and bathrooms. Use it on sofa, laundry hampers, sports equipment and more.
( Household )
Zorbeez uses super absorbent technology that absorbs up to 27 times greater than paper towels or cotton cloth.


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