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Shop for As Seen On TV products Cathy Mitchell endorses or products that he used to endorse. Cathy Mitchell is a well known infomercial spokesperson for many items that are advertised on television. Cathy Mitchell TV Personality and Food Expert.

Cathy Mitchell As Seen On TV Infomercial Products

( Toys )
With the gemagic tool by Cathy Mitchell get designer looking clothes and accessories. GeMagic is a one step process of adding rhinestones and studs.

GT Xpress 101
( Kitchen )
The GT Xpress 101 is a electric countertop grill that cooks food fast. With the GT Xpress101 you can cook a whole meal. Cathy Mitchell promotes the gt xpress 101 on television.

The Minden Anytime Indoor Grill
( Kitchen )
The anytime grill lets you cook barbecued tasting foods inside. The Minden Range Top Grill endorsed by Cathy Mitchell is the ultimate indoor grilling tool.

Pasta Boat
( Kitchen )
As Seen On TV Pasta Boat - Cooking Pasta Noodles Fast & Easy. Pasta Boat - Microwave Cooking Pasta Noodles Fast & Easy Cook, Strain & Serve Perfect Pasta Using Just Your Microwave! You can cook, drain, serve and store meals, all in one pot.

Red Copper 5 Minute Chef
With the all new Red Copper 5 Minute Chef make home cooked delicious meals quickly. The red indoor grill cooks from the top and bottom at the same time.

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